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from __future__ import absolute_import, unicode_literals

from decimal import ROUND_HALF_UP, Decimal

import plata
from import DiscountBase

[docs]class ProcessorBase(object): """ Order processor class base. Offers helper methods for order total aggregation and tax calculation. """ def __init__(self, shared_state): self.shared_state = shared_state
[docs] def split_cost(self, cost_incl_tax, tax_rate): """Split a cost incl. tax into the part excl. tax and the tax""" cost_incl_tax, tax_rate = Decimal(cost_incl_tax), Decimal(tax_rate) cost_excl_tax = cost_incl_tax / (1 + tax_rate / 100) return cost_excl_tax, cost_incl_tax - cost_excl_tax
[docs] def add_tax_details(self, tax_details, tax_rate, price, discount, tax_amount): """ Add tax details grouped by tax_rate. Especially useful if orders potentially use more than one tax class. These values are not used for the order total calculation -- they are only needed to show the tax amount for different tax rates if this is necessary for your invoices. - ``tax_details``: The tax details dict, most often stored as ``['tax_details'] = tax_details.items()`` - ``tax_rate``: The tax rate of the current entry - ``price``: The price excl. tax - ``discount``: The discount amount (will be subtracted from the price before applying the tax) - ``tax_amount``: The exact amount; a bit redundant because this could be calculated using the values above as well See the taxes documentation or the standard invoice PDF generation code if you need to know more about the use of these values. """ zero = Decimal("0.00") discount = discount or zero row = tax_details.setdefault( tax_rate, { "prices": zero, "discounts": zero, "tax_rate": tax_rate, "tax_amount": zero, "total": zero, }, ) row["prices"] += price row["discounts"] += discount row["tax_amount"] += tax_amount row["total"] += price - discount + tax_amount
def set_processor_value(self, group, key, value): self.shared_state.setdefault(group, {})[key] = value def get_processor_value(self, group, key=None): dic = self.shared_state.get(group, {}) if key: return dic.get(key) return dic
[docs] def process(self, order, items): """ This is the method which must be implemented in order processor classes. """ raise NotImplementedError # pragma: no cover
[docs]class InitializeOrderProcessor(ProcessorBase): """ Zero out all relevant order values and calculate line item prices excl. tax. """ def process(self, order, items): order.items_subtotal = Decimal("0.00") order.items_tax = Decimal("0.00") order.items_discount = Decimal("0.00") for item in items: # Recalculate item stuff item._line_item_price = item.quantity * item._unit_price item._line_item_discount = Decimal("0.00")
[docs]class DiscountProcessor(ProcessorBase): """ Apply all discounts which do not act as a means of payment but instead act on the subtotal """ def process(self, order, items): remaining = Decimal("0.00") for applied in order.applied_discounts.exclude( type=DiscountBase.MEANS_OF_PAYMENT ): applied.apply(order, items) remaining += applied.remaining discounts ="discounts", {}) discounts["remaining_subtotal"] = remaining["discounts"] = discounts
[docs]class MeansOfPaymentDiscountProcessor(ProcessorBase): """ Apply all discounts which act as a means of payment. """ def process(self, order, items): remaining = Decimal("0.00") for applied in order.applied_discounts.filter( type=DiscountBase.MEANS_OF_PAYMENT ): applied.apply(order, items) remaining += applied.remaining discounts ="discounts", {}) discounts["remaining_means_of_payment"] = remaining["discounts"] = discounts
[docs]class TaxProcessor(ProcessorBase): """ Calculate taxes for every line item and aggregate tax details. """ def process(self, order, items): tax_details = {} for item in items: taxable = item._line_item_price - (item._line_item_discount or 0) item._line_item_tax = (taxable * item.tax_rate / 100).quantize( Decimal("0.0000000000") ) self.add_tax_details( tax_details, item.tax_rate, item._line_item_price, item._line_item_discount, item._line_item_tax, )["tax_details"] = list(tax_details.items())
[docs]class ItemSummationProcessor(ProcessorBase): """ Sum up line item prices, discounts and taxes. """ def process(self, order, items): for item in items: order.items_subtotal += item._line_item_price order.items_discount += item._line_item_discount or 0 order.items_tax += item._line_item_tax self.set_processor_value( "total", "items", order.items_subtotal - order.items_discount + order.items_tax, )
[docs]class ZeroShippingProcessor(ProcessorBase): """ Set shipping costs to zero. """ def process(self, order, items): order.shipping_cost = Decimal("0.00") order.shipping_discount = Decimal("0.00") order.shipping_tax = Decimal("0.00") # Not strictly necessary self.set_processor_value("total", "shipping", 0)
[docs]class FixedAmountShippingProcessor(ProcessorBase): """ Set shipping costs to a fixed value. Uses ``PLATA_SHIPPING_FIXEDAMOUNT``. If you have differing needs you should probably implement your own shipping processor (and propose it for inclusion if you like) instead of extending this one. :: PLATA_SHIPPING_FIXEDAMOUNT = { 'cost': Decimal('8.00'), 'tax': Decimal('19.6'), } """ def process(self, order, items): cost = plata.settings.PLATA_SHIPPING_FIXEDAMOUNT["cost"] tax = plata.settings.PLATA_SHIPPING_FIXEDAMOUNT["tax"] order.shipping_cost, __ = self.split_cost(cost, tax) order.shipping_discount = min(order.discount_remaining, order.shipping_cost) order.shipping_tax = tax / 100 * (order.shipping_cost - order.shipping_discount) self.set_processor_value( "total", "shipping", order.shipping_cost - order.shipping_discount + order.shipping_tax, ) tax_details = dict("tax_details", [])) self.add_tax_details( tax_details, tax, order.shipping_cost, order.shipping_discount, order.shipping_tax, )["tax_details"] = list(tax_details.items())
[docs]class ApplyRemainingDiscountToShippingProcessor(ProcessorBase): """ Apply the remaining discount to the shipping (if shipping is non-zero and there are any remaining discounts left) """ def process(self, order, items): raise NotImplementedError( "ApplyRemainingDiscountToShippingProcessor is not implemented yet" )
[docs]class OrderSummationProcessor(ProcessorBase): """ Sum up order total by adding up items and shipping totals. """
[docs] def process(self, order, items): """ The value must be quantized here, because otherwise f.e. the payment modules will be susceptible to rounding errors giving f.e. missing payments of 0.01 units. """ total = sum(self.get_processor_value("total").values(), Decimal("0.00")) = total.quantize(Decimal("0.00"), rounding=ROUND_HALF_UP)