This (new and still incomplete) module will provide the calculation of shipping costs, depending on the size and weight of your products.

You can register the tariffs of several shipping providers (postal services) for groups of countries that cost the same postage and several package sizes.


  • Include plata.shipping in your INSTALLED_APPS.
  • Run makemigrations shipping and migrate.
  • Login to your admin interface and …
  • Create some country groups – the first will be your home country, others depend on the tariff groups of your shipping provider, like “European Union”, “World 1”, “World 2” etc.
  • Define the countries that belong to these groups.
  • Setup the shipping providers you work with, depending on the countries they serve.
  • At last it’s the most work to register all the different postage tariffs.

Some providers have maximum sizes for each dimension (length, weidth, height), others calculate by adding these. Some calculate by “tape measure”, i.e. combined length and girth (in German: Gurtmaß), you must translate that to our “3D” sum yourself. Postage.max_size is the smaller of either the sum of length, width and height or max_3d.

Because also the packaging has a considerable weight that depends on the package size, this is also a property of Postage. If you don’t need it, leave it at 0.


You can change the displayed units, e.g. if someone insists in obsolete non-metric units: