The settings here should be accessed using plata.settings.<KEY>. All settings can be overridden by putting them in your standard module.

plata.default_settings.CURRENCIES = (u'CHF', u'EUR', u'USD', u'CAD')

All available currencies. Use ISO 4217 currency codes in this list only.

plata.default_settings.CURRENCIES_WITHOUT_CENTS = (u'JPY', u'KRW')

If you use currencies that don’t have a minor unit (zero-decimal currencies) At the moment only relevant to Stripe payments.

plata.default_settings.PLATA_ORDER_PROCESSORS = [u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'', u'']

List of order processors

Plata does not check whether the selection makes any sense. This is your responsibility.

plata.default_settings.PLATA_PAYMENT_MODULES = [u'plata.payment.modules.cod.PaymentProcessor', u'plata.payment.modules.paypal.PaymentProcessor']

Activated payment modules

plata.default_settings.PLATA_PAYMENT_MODULE_NAMES = {}

Override payment module names without modifying the payment module code

The key in this dictionary should use the key variable of the respective payment module.


    'paypal': 'PayPal and Credit Cards',
plata.default_settings.PLATA_PDF_FONT_NAME = u''

Custom font for PDF generation

plata.default_settings.PLATA_PRICE_INCLUDES_TAX = True

Are prices shown with tax included or not? (Defaults to True) Please note that this setting is purely presentational and has no influence on the values stored in the database.

plata.default_settings.PLATA_REPORTING_ADDRESSLINE = u''

PDF address line

plata.default_settings.PLATA_REPORTING_STATIONERY = u'pdfdocument.elements.ExampleStationery'

Stationery for invoice and packing slip PDF generation

plata.default_settings.PLATA_SHIPPING_FIXEDAMOUNT = {u'cost': Decimal('8.00'), u'tax': Decimal('7.6')}

FixedAmountShippingProcessor example configuration

The cost must be specified with tax included.

plata.default_settings.PLATA_SHIPPING_WEIGHT_UNIT = u'g'

shipping.Postage configuration change this if you insist in obsolete non-metric units

plata.default_settings.PLATA_SHOP_PRODUCT = u'product.Product'

Target of order item product foreign key (Defaults to 'product.Product')

plata.default_settings.PLATA_STOCK_TRACKING = False

Transactional stock tracking

'plata.product.stock' has to be included in INSTALLED_APPS for this to work.

plata.default_settings.PLATA_ZIP_CODE_LABEL = <django.utils.functional.__proxy__ object>

Since ZIP code is far from universal, and more an L10N than I18N issue: