Plata’s repository contains a few example projects, which are used both to demonstrate specific features and allow experimentation.

The purpose of each example project will be briefly described in the following.

simple example

This example strives to be the simplest shop implementation with Plata while still following best practice.

custom example

The custom example demonstrates how the bundled contact model might be replaced with a custom model – in this case, the replacement model only has one address record, not two addresses, one for shipping and one for billing.

staggered example

This example demonstrates how a staggered (or “tiered”) price scheme might be implemented outside of Plata’s core.

oneprice example

This example demonstrates how a product model might be made even simpler: By extending ProductBase and PriceBase at the same time, all product related information is kept in one Django model. This (obviously) means that each product can only have one price.

generic example

Plata accepts only one product model. But you might want to sell widely differing stuff, like physical things and downloads, that need different models. This example shows how to setup a product model with a generic relationship to the real product.

The data entry is somewhat complicated – first create some “Things” and “Downloads”, then edit the “Products” for their prices.

This example also uses the CountryGroup from plata.shipping to implement prices that depend on the customer’s country.

setup for examples

  • make sure that examples/manage.py is configured to use your example of choice, e.g. ‘simple’.
  • setup basic Django models: ./manage.py migrate
  • prepare shop models (important: all at once, otherwise you’ll run into a dependency hell): ./manage.py makemigrations shop contact discount simple
  • setup shop models: ./manage.py migrate
  • create an user: ./manage.py createsuperuser (the examples contain no user management and depend on admin staff users.)
  • create tax classes, products, discounts etc. at the admin site

If you want to try different examples, you must delete the migrations from shop, contact and discount!

For your convenience, we included two (bash) shell scripts, to be called from within the examples directory of a git checkout.

  • reset-migrations.sh lets you delete the migrations from all examples and all plata modules.
  • startexample.sh automates the necessary migrations setup and starts one example.

There are some checks and prompts to avoid damage, but of course we can’t be held responsible for anything that happens.